2160 Rainbow Valley Blvd.
Rainbow, CA 92028

Rental Information

(760) 420-1755

Written & Reported by Jonnie Fox

Fundraising Events:
March 24 – Pot Luck
April 27 – Giant Yard Sale
May 4 – Art Sale
May 19 – Pizza Night
June 5 – Bingo Night
July 20 – Pizza Night
September 26 – Pizza Night
October 24 – Pizza Night

Community Events:
March 10 – Open House
July 11 – Crop Swap
September 12 – Crop Swap
August 8 – Crop Swap
June 13 – Crop Swap
October 8 – Fire Safety Presentation
November 10 – Quilts of Valor Vets Event
December 8 – Christmas Social
December 11 – Holiday Open House

(Nine rentals) – May 11, June 1, June 8, July 27, Aug. 10, Dec. 1, Dec. 20, Dec. 24, Dec. 28
Weekly Mondays – AA (started October 22)
Weekly Wednesdays – Sage Yoga (started April 17)

Noteworthy accomplishments:
We increased yearly Grange funds by 92%

We were blessed with a new deck railing, all time and labor donated by our neighbor Dusty Teague, a new and user-friendly website developed by our board member Danielle Novack, 70 new banquet-style white folding/stackable chairs with funds raised by 4 local families, a mailbox installed, increased social media and internet presence, 40+ new memberships, the sale of the large animal scale (raising $700), security lighting with funds donated by Lee Malinowski and time and labor by Charlie Braden, and months of clearing, cleaning, sanitizing, and organizing of the Kitchen, Container, and Store Room.

In addition, the exterior of the Grange was decorated with Christmas lights and other holiday décor (thanks to our member, Keith Flanagan) for the first time in its history (to my knowledge and based on albums dating back to the 70’s; if not the first time, the first time in a very long time).

Various exterior yard, tree, and garden maintenance was done by Peter and Julie Case, Danielle Novack, Keith and Jonnie Flanagan, Rose Conner, Joel and Shelly Slaven, and Charlie Braden and thanks to Rainbow Valley Nursery, Kathy McSorley, and Rose Conner for all the new plants and palm trees for the property.

We thank the many community residents and members who attended our events and also many who donated items from wine to paper towels and more. We are more than grateful.

We are also VERY thankful to those who contributed their time and talent for certain events, ie, my dear friends and fellow Satinettes Sandi Johnson Weidler and Crystal Levy Portillo, along with our own local super-talent, Tony Suraci.

A special THANK YOU to Duke and Jonell Maples for their continuing support and donations to our events. What a great community partner you have been for us.