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Welcome to the Online Spring Boutique

at the Rainbow Valley Grange

Why we are still doing this?

The Grange is a non-profit and these types of events are what keeps our lights on. Plus, we believe in promoting and supporting local, small businesses and we didn’t want to let them down.

Click here to learn more about the Rainbow Valley Grange.

How it will work?

All of our vendors are listed below. You are free to shop anytime!

During the event,
Sunday, April 26, 2020, Noon – 2pm,
each vendor will have a chance to share their business on the Rainbow Valley Grange Facebook page. You can watch any and all of our vendors straight from your own home. The timeline of when each vendor will present is listed below.

Click here to check out our Facebook page.

Adrienne Keiper | Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski

Diane Novack | Send Out Cards



How to Purchase:

Click this link to shop! This link will take you to the card store where you can design or choose a premade card. A couple of clicks will get a real, personalized, paper greeting card in the mail to your friend or loved one.

Sharon Morrison | Crochet & Fitness Wear

Crochet Website

Fitness Wear Website

How to Purchase:

Click on either link above to shop. To purchase anything crochet, please email Sharon directly. Click to email.

Jonnie Fox | LipSense

Melissa McMurray | Color Street


Facebook VIP Group

How to Purchase:

Click this link to shop! If you are looking for something specific, send Melissa a text. She’s got a lot of inventory on hand.


Sherry Nelson | JoySoul Creations

Facebook Group

How to Purchase:

The best way to shop is from her Facebook Group. You can also email her directly. Click to email.